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Slip and Fall Attorneys

Experienced slip and fall attorneys are essential for your claim.

  • Injured in “slip and fall” or “trip and fall”? Fall injuries are very common in the Tacoma Seattle area.

    Were you injured because of a dangerous condition at a store, business building, or on a sidewalk. Slips and Falls also known as Trips and Falls can leave people frustrated when they are seriously injured and feel that it should have been prevented. They are very difficult cases that require an experienced slip, trip, fall attorney to help build a liability claim. It is not simply enough that there was an injury and that it could have been prevented. Our trip, slip, fall attorneys have the experience to properly investigate your claim. Ladenburg Law Injury Attorneys are not only concerned about our clients but also potential dangers in our community. Hiring a trip and fall attorney will help you recover the damages you deserve and also make your community safer.

  • Uneven floor surfaces
  • Significant cracks in sidewalk (3’’ or more)
  • Wet surface
  • Bad lighting
  • Obstacles
  • IWas the owner of the property aware of the danger?
    Often the most difficult part of a case to prove, we have a duty to prove that the property owner knew or should have known about the danger. It is not enough that a banana fell on the floor of a grocery store and you slipped on it moments later. We must prove that the owner of the property or their agents were aware of the danger and did not take adequate measures in prioritizing removing the danger. Our experienced attorneys will help walk you through how we can go about proving that a reasonable person should have known there was danger and done something about it.
    Were you distracted and did that distraction create a partial liability on your part?
    In a premise liability case, there is often contributory negligence on the part of the person who was injured. Insurance companies will argue that perhaps texting while walking or talking on your phone distracted you and that you are partially at fault. Our attorneys have heard it all and know all the tricks insurance companies will use to attempt lower your claim.
    If you need a trip and fall attorney, it is important that you contact Sadler Ladenburg soon after your injury. Important information needs to be gathered and deadlines need to be met so do not delay in protecting your rights. For more information about the top rated personal injury attorneys at Ladenburg Law, please read more about our team.

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