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Everything you need to know about PIP insurance in Washington State

If you are a motorist in Washington State, you are required to have auto insurance. But, there’s an optional extension called Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”) that you can add on. And, it’s possible you already have PIP, whether or not you realize it. Let’s look at bit closer at what this useful protection can do … Continue reading “Everything you need to know about PIP insurance in Washington State”

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Ladenburg Law
November 19, 2019

Medical Malpractice

4 Things Women Can Do to Prevent a Misdiagnosis

If you were to guess how many people receive a misdiagnosis every year in the US, what would be your estimate? 100,000? 500,000? 1 million?According to the National Academy of Medicine, about 12 million people per year receive a misdiagnosis. Here’s another startling fact: most of those 12 million people are women. Women and Misdiagnosis Horrors Consider … Continue reading “4 Things Women Can Do to Prevent a Misdiagnosis”

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Ladenburg Law
November 12, 2019

Road Safety

How to Handle an Aggressive Driver

Studies show that most of us have encountered an aggressive driver while on the road. While these incidents are common, they can feel very personal and even scary when you’re the one experiencing it. Let’s look at a few tips for how to handle an aggressive driver. Correct any driving mistakes you can. It’s always … Continue reading “How to Handle an Aggressive Driver”

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Ladenburg Law
November 5, 2019

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