Motorcycle Fatalities Increase in Washington

We recently shared that there’s been an uptick in extreme speeding and fatality crashes in 2020. This may seem surprising, given the reduction in traffic with COVID-19 restrictions across the US. In Washington State, another unsettling trend is emerging: an increase in motorcycle fatalities.

Grim Numbers in Early 2020 for Motorcyclists

Through mid-May, a total of 24 motorcyclists have been killed on State roadways. Twelve occurred in April alone, and made up 46% of all crash fatalities for the month. Washington hasn’t seen that many deaths for the month of April since 2006.

Most of these collisions could have been prevented. Speeding and driving under the influence appear to have been the most prevalent factors in these incidents. Remember, even minor motorcycle collisions can have serious consequences, so the best approach is to avoid them in the first place.

Preventing Collisions with Motorcycles

If you are a driver, there are a few steps you can take to make the road safer for motorcyclists.

  1. Obey speed limits: When you stay within speed limits, you’re able to adjust quicker to others around you. In the event of a crash, higher speeds are associated with more severe injuries and fatalities.
  2. Avoid distractions: Consider this: if you send or read a text for just 5 seconds while traveling at 55 mph, your eyes will have been off the road for roughly the distance of a football field.
  3. Check your blind spots: Always check your blind spots before changing lanes or making turns.
  4. Use your signals: Make your intentions known to motorcyclists well in advance. According to Washington State law, that means signaling at least 100 feet before your turn and continuously until the turn is complete.

As always, follow traffic laws and give enough space to motorcyclists.

How Motorcyclists can Avoid Crashes

Motorcyclists can also take actions to reduce the likelihood of crashes.

  1. Ride in a predictable fashion: Make it clear to drivers around you what your intentions are by using your signals and avoiding unnecessary weaving
  2. Always wear protective gear: Never ride without a properly-fitted helmet, heavy clothes that cover your arms and legs, and sturdy shoes or boots that come up over your ankles
  3. Ride sober: It’s illegal to drive under the influence and ride under the influence
  4. Avoid the temptation to speed: It may be tempting for bikers as well as drivers to ramp up the speeds on emptier roads. Slowing down and following speed limits is one of the best preventive measures you can take

When it comes to riding your motorcycle, avoid taking unnecessary risks that jeopardize your safety and those around you.

If you are Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

Despite your best riding, sometimes crashes still happen.

Our attorneys have experience helping victims of motorcycle accidents win settlements. This compensation can cover medical expenses, lost wages, and acknowledge the pain and suffering experienced because of the injury.

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