Tacoma Dog Bite Lawyer

Any dog has the potential to be dangerous and cause injury. While large dogs tend to be more imposing, an attack by a small dog could have lasting effects such as nerve damage or scarring. Besides this, a dog attack can be traumatic. Many victims can suffer from emotional distress, anxiety, or troubling flashbacks.

If you suffered a dog bite or other injury, you might have a legal claim against the owner of the animal. An experienced Tacoma dog bite lawyer can meet with you and help you determine your legal options. With the help of a seasoned injury attorney, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your medical expenses. 

Claims for Dog Bite Injuries in Tacoma

Sometimes, it can take extensive investigative work to track down the offending dog and its owner. As a victim, you may feel apprehensive about approaching the at-fault party. This is understandable.

A Tacoma attorney can assist by handling the claim process, including dealing with the dog’s owner and their insurance company. Let us take the legal stress off your plate while you focus on your healing and recovery. We’ll prepare to take your case to court if the insurance company’s offer is too low.

Cases Involving Other Types of Animal Aggression

Besides bites, dogs can harm victims in other ways. For instance, a dog could knock down a person and injure them or scratch them with their claws. It’s possible to recover compensation in these circumstances, too.

In this situation, a lawyer must prove that the dog owner knew their pet was dangerous but failed to take reasonable steps to secure it. In other words, there would need to be evidence that the dog owner was negligent. An example would be if the dog’s owner allowed their pet to roam off leash or was in violation of animal ordinances.

A Tacoma dog bite lawyer can assist by investigating the facts of what happened to build your cash. This could involve determining what steps, if any, the dog owner took to prevent their pet from injuring someone.

When to call a Lawyer about a dog bite

Washington Laws About Dog Ownership and Attacks

In general, Washington State law is favorable to victims who’ve been injured by dogs. The legal standard that applies is known as “strict liability.” This is different than most personal injury claims we handle. Strict liability means victims can pursue compensation for dog bites even if the dog bite wasn’t aware their pet was dangerous. 

However, dog owners have two potential defenses they can use under Washington State Law (Code of Washington 16-08-040):

  1. You provoked the dog. If you provoked the dog and were attacked, the owner isn’t responsible for your injuries.
  2. You were trespassing. If you were trespassing on private property, you cannot bring a dog bite claim against the owner.

We’ve written more on this topic on our blog post called Washington State Dog Bite Laws. Make sure to give it a read for more information. 

Speak with a Tacoma Dog Bite Attorney Right Away

Of course, it’s key to seek medical treatment for a dog bite right away. Injuries that might seem minor at first could worsen over time. In addition to seeking medical attention, we recommend you contact legal counsel right away.

You have the right to pursue compensation for your injuries following a dog bite. Your path to recovering those damages starts with a phone call to a Tacoma dog bite lawyer. To get started on a case, be sure to schedule a consultation today.

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