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When you buy a product and bring it into your home, you trust that it’s met standards and is safe. But for thousands of Americans each year, something goes wrong. Many people have been seriously injured or even killed by defective or dangerous items. Perhaps you’ve found this page today because this story sounds familiar.

At Ladenburg Law, our accident attorneys have helped many victims who have been hurt by a variety of harmful products. This area of law, known as products liability, is unique from the other personal injury cases we handle. Please read on to learn more about how product liability works and how a Tacoma product liability lawyer can help.

What Kinds of Defective Products Could Victims Receive Compensation For?

While this list is not exhaustive, here are some types of defective products that have injured innocent victims over the years:

  • Vehicle parts, including tires
  • Baby and nursery equipment
  • Toys
  • Playground equipment
  • Unsafe food
  • Tools
  • Construction equipment
  • Dangerous drugs

With products liability, there are a few conditions that may help determine if you have a case or not. First, you (or someone else) must have purchased the item. For instance, you could bring a claim against a company you bought a tool from. But you could not bring a products liability claim against your uncle for a tool he made for you.

You might still have a case even if you received the item as a gift or purchased it second-hand. In other words, you do not need to be the original purchaser of the item in order to have a case.

What Makes a Defective Products Lawsuit Unique?

We handle many kinds of personal injury lawsuits at Ladenburg Law, such as car accidents and medical malpractice. However, there are two primary qualities that set defective products lawsuits apart. (The good news is that they are both favorable for those who have been injured.)

  1. “Res Ipsa Loquitur.” This Latin phrase means “the thing speaks for itself.” In other words, the defective product is proof enough that someone was negligent. Sometimes, res ipsa comes into play in our cases. When it does, we must no longer prove that the product was defective – the manufacturer must prove that it wasn’t!
  2. Strict Liability. In most personal injury cases, it’s our job to prove that someone else was negligent and caused your injuries. Not so with defective products cases. Our focus is to prove that the product was defective and that you were injured as a result. Strict liability helps plaintiffs win settlements without having to prove the fault of the manufacturer.

Even though products liability lawsuits have provisions that favor plaintiffs, make no mistake. These complicated cases need extensive, skilled investigation on part of our attorneys. It’s not always easy to find where in the chain an error happened.

Who is Liable for an Injury Caused by a Defective Product?

First, let’s talk about how a product can end up defective in the first place. There are three basic steps in the process where an error can be made:

  1. It’s a design error. These products never had a chance to be safe because there was a flaw in the design.
  2. It’s a manufacturing error. The product was designed with the proper safety measures, but it was not assembled correctly or according to standards. In this situation, maybe only one product in the batch is impacted.
  3. It’s a marketing error. Consumers need to be instructed on products’ proper use. Companies can be held liable if they fail to warn consumers of their product’s hazards.

Once a product has been made, it may pass through several hands to reach the market. Any and all parties in that chain may be held responsible, including:

  • Suppliers
  • Manufacturer
  • Wholesaler
  • Distributor
  • Retail store

Rest assured, we do not expect you to know or try to discover who caused the problem. That’s our job, as skilled products liability attorneys.

Steps to Take Following a Defective Product-Related Injury

It can be confusing to know what to do right after a serious injury. We recognize that you might be seeing this information well after the fact. Even so, read through the steps to see what you may be able to do.

  1. Keep the defective product in its current condition. If you destroy or repair the item, it may be difficult for us to investigate and build a case.
  2. Gather any receipts, original packaging, or other items related to the product. While less critical, any information that you have to the product will help us. When it doubt – don’t throw it out!
  3. Take any photographs and collect notes. Do whatever you can to document what happened, noting your injuries and any extenuating circumstances.
  4. Gather names and witnesses. If applicable, ask for the names and numbers of any witnesses.
  5. Seek immediate medical care. We recommend victims seek treatment as soon as possible, both for their well-being and to establish the basis for their claim. Call 911 for any serious or life-threatening injuries.
  6. Stay on top of follow-up appointments. It’s important to follow your health care provider’s guidance for follow-up care. Missing appointments can delay your healing and hurt your claim.

We urge you to call us as soon as possible. Involving a defective products attorney from Ladenburg Law early in the process will strengthen your claim. Plus, there is no fee for an initial consultation and we work on a contingency basis. You risk nothing by calling us.

Recoverable Compensation

Depending on your situation, here are some of the costs we’ll fight to recover for you:

  • Medical costs (including past and future)
  • Lost wages
  • Disability (short- and long-term)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Funeral expenses 

As every person is unique, we’ll want to discuss the damages you’ve suffered as a result of your injury.

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Please call us. We’ll assess the true cost of your damages and fight for a fair settlement. We’re prepared to take any case to trial if need be. Let us help take some of the burden off your plate so you can focus on your health and healing. But you’ll want to hurry – in the State of Washington, you generally only have three years to file a personal injury claim (per RCW 4.16.080).

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