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Choosing to walk to work, to run errands, or to get exercise is a responsible decision. Not only is walking good for a person’s body, but it also contributes to cleaner air in Tacoma.

Sadly, choosing to walk can also place people in grave danger. Drivers who do not properly yield to pedestrians in crosswalks, who drive up on a curb, or who are not careful in parking lots may collide with individuals. The resulting injuries will leave a person’s life in chaos.

A Tacoma pedestrian accident lawyer could help to pursue claims for appropriate damages after pedestrian accidents. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney could explain a person’s rights, how a driver violated those rights, and what compensation may be available in settlement talks or courts. Schedule a consultation today to get started.

Duty of Care Owed to Pedestrians in Tacoma

Getting behind the wheel of any type of vehicle places a burden on that driver. That driver must follow the rules of the road and keep their attention on their surroundings at all times. This duty extends towards other drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians.

In the most basic sense, this requires drivers to keep their eyes on the road at all times. A driver who looks at a billboard, who is eating while behind the wheel, or chooses to use a cellphone, may become distracted. Not only are these distractions a leading cause of pedestrian accidents, but they also indicate negligence.

Another way to prove a failure to perform one’s duty behind the wheel is to show that a defendant’s actions violated a rule of the road. The crosswalk laws are especially relevant in pedestrian accident claims. If a plaintiff can show that a defendant endured a conviction in traffic court connected to the incident, this conviction is proof of negligence per se, and a civil court will presume the driver to be at-fault for the collision. A Tacoma pedestrian accident lawyer could help to gather the evidence needed to prove defendant fault.

A Defendant May Try to Shift Blame

The fact that an injured plaintiff was on foot at the time of the incident does not prove that a driver was negligent. Revised Code of Washington §4.22.005 requires courts to evaluate the actions of all parties in accidents and to assign blame accordingly. This means that if a defendant argues that a pedestrian moved out from between parked cars or that they crossed the street when it was not their turn to do so, a court may reduce an award at trial. A Tacoma pedestrian accident lawyer could help to prove that a defendant’s failure to keep a pedestrian safe was the only reason for the collision.

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Pedestrian accidents can result in injuries that affect every portion of a person’s life. Not only will they need to seek medical care for their physical injuries, but an incident could affect their ability to earn a living and their quality of life in general. The only way to reimburse those losses is to pursue a pedestrian accident claim centered around negligence against the at-fault driver.

A Tacoma pedestrian accident lawyer could take every necessary step to promote your case. They can work to explain your rights as a pedestrian and why a defendant’s actions violated those rights. They could also help to measure your losses to ensure that any demand package asks for fair payments. There is a limited time to demand compensation. Get in touch with an attorney today for more insight regarding your legal options.

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