Tacoma Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

A catastrophic injury could upend your life when you least expect it. These injuries could occur in motor vehicle accidents, sports-related injuries, or even as a result of violent crime. In any of these cases, you could be entitled to monetary compensation if your catastrophic injury results from the careless or reckless acts of another person. 

Following a catastrophic accident, a skilled personal injury attorney could assist you in building a winning claim for compensation. You are entitled to hold the negligent person responsible for your injury accountable. With the guidance of a Tacoma catastrophic injury lawyer, you could obtain compensation to cover your medical bills, pain and suffering, and other losses related to your accident. 

Catastrophic Injuries Defined

State law does not define the term “catastrophic injury.” However, the term generally described injuries that are so severe that they alter a person’s quality of life permanently. This typically means limitations on meeting basic needs and often the inability to maintain employment. Some common catastrophic injuries include:

Any of these conditions could be difficult to cope with. While financial compensation may not be able to undo the damage, it could help an injured person transition to their next phase in life. A Tacoma attorney with experience handling spinal cord injury lawsuits could assist with recovering this compensation. 

Comparative Fault in Tacoma Catastrophic Injury claims

The blame for a catastrophic injury does not always fall on one person. Often, multiple factors will combine to result in these injuries. When this occurs in Tacoma, a legal theory known as pure comparative negligence applies. 

Under this theory, the law will never prevent a person suffering a catastrophic injury from pursuing compensation even when the injured person was partially at fault. As long as another individual or entity played a role in causing the accident, the injured party could pursue legal action against them. This is true whether the plaintiff is five percent at fault or ninety-five percent at fault. 

The pure comparative fault rule will impact the amount of compensation available to a plaintiff in this situation, however. By law, a jury must reduce any damage award by the percentage of fault the plaintiff shares. For example, a plaintiff that is ninety-five percent at fault could recover at most five percent of their damages. A Tacoma catastrophic injury lawyer could advise a person on proving the injury as primarily or entirely the fault of the defendant.   

Deadline to File a Claim

Anyone pursuing a catastrophic injury claim in Tacoma must do so within a specific timeframe. Courts enforce this deadline strictly and typically dismiss cases filed after the deadline expires. 

The specific deadline for each type of suit is different. For a lawsuit seeking compensation for a catastrophic injury, this deadline is three years from the date the accident occurred. This deadline is governed by Code of Washington Section 4-16-080

Speak with a Tacoma Catastrophic Injury Attorney Immediately

Due to the time limit that applies to every injury case, it is crucial that you discuss your claim with an attorney right away. Investigating and preparing a catastrophic injury claim can take time, which makes any delay risky. 

A Tacoma catastrophic injury lawyer can review your claim and file your lawsuit before the time limit expires. To discuss your options, set up an initial case evaluation immediately.

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