Tacoma Burn Injury Lawyer

Few injuries are as painful as a major burn. These injuries can have a permanent impact in some cases due to permanent nerve damage, chronic pain, and scarring. Dealing with these injuries could be costly, especially for anyone too injured to return to their job. 

The risks of a burn can grow more serious as time passes. The area of skin where burns occur become susceptible to infection in some cases. These infections could prove to be fatal for some. 

If you are recovering from a burn caused by another person, you might have a viable claim for monetary compensation. A dedicated injury attorney could evaluate your case and guide you on how best to proceed. You might have the best chance for monetary damages when you work with a Tacoma burn injury lawyer. 

How Negligence Can Result in Burn Injuries in Tacoma

Many severe burns occur due to the negligence of another person. This could include accidental or intentional acts. When a negligent person is responsible for a burn injury, a Tacoma attorney could pursue legal action against them. 

One of the most common situations where negligence could cause burn injuries involves vehicle accidents. Cars and trucks carry substantial amounts of combustible fuel, and a collision could cause that fuel to ignite. However, not all burns occur due to open flames. In some cases, faulty equipment like water heaters could cause a person to suffer injuries due to scalding hot water. For example, if a landlord is aware of a defective hot water heater and refuses to have it replaced, they could face liability for any burn injuries they receive. 

Burns can also happen in a medical setting. While open flames are not common during surgical procedures, these facilities routinely make use of caustic, harsh substances. If a doctor or other medical professional burns a patient using a dangerous substance or improper use of radiation, they could face civil liability for any medical injuries that occur. 

In any of these situations, monetary compensation could be available through a successful injury claim. That does not mean the negligent party or their insurance company will make the process easy. An experienced Tacoma attorney could help a burn injury victim pursue monetary damages from the negligent party should they refuse to negotiate a settlement. 

Shared Fault in a Burn Injury Accident

Washington is a pure comparative fault state. This means that state law will not prevent a plaintiff from recovery damages even if they are partially responsible for a burn injury accident. The law will only bar the claim of a person who was entirely at fault.

That does not mean that a plaintiff will recover all of the damages they seek if they are found to be partially at fault. According to Revised Code of Washington 4.22.005, contributory fault will result in the reduction of the plaintiff’s damages by their degree of responsibility. In the event a victim may have contributed to their accident, it is important to work with a Tacoma burn injury lawyer who could help with obtaining the maximum amount of compensation available.

Speak With a Tacoma Burn Injury Attorney

If you have suffered a severe burn injury due to another person’s negligence, you could have a path to monetary compensation. Holding the responsible party accountable is not always easy, but your attorney could improve your chance of success.

If you are ready to maximize your odds of a financial recovery, contact a Tacoma burn injury lawyer right away. Your initial consultation could provide the answer to any legal questions you have about your claim.

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