AmberLee Estes

AmberLee joined Ladenburg Law in July 2021. She brings over five years of experience in the personal injury field. She first started out as a receptionist and then worked her way up into several different roles including legal assistant and paralegal.

Unfortunately, AmberLee knows all too well the pain of being a personal injury victim. In 2009, she lost an infant daughter shortly after birth due to improper medical treatment. It was only years later that she learned that she could have taken legal action. She has also been the victim of a hit-and-run head-on collision. These experiences have given AmberLee a deep compassion for other injury victims and a desire to help. It’s important to her that clients understand their legal options following an injury and get the justice they deserve.

In AmberLee’s free time, she enjoys kayaking, camping, snowboarding, hiking and all kid-friendly activities. She takes as many road trips as she can during the year and loves showing her kids our country.