Tacoma Slip and Fall Lawyer

A slip and fall can cause serious injuries ranging from broken and fractured bones to spinal cord injuries and head trauma. There are a variety of hazards that could cause someone to suffer a severe slip and fall, such as spilled water, disintegrating pavement, or faulty stairs.

If you recently slipped and fell on another person’s property and believe that the owner was negligent, you should discuss your options to pursue recovery with a Tacoma slip and fall lawyer. A well-versed injury attorney could look into the chain of events preceding your fall to help you determine whether the owner was negligent and could be liable for your damages.

Slip and Fall Compensation

An attorney in Tacoma could help someone injured in a serious slip and fall seek several kinds of compensation. Slip and fall compensation can include a person’s tangible and intangible damages. Tangible damages include losses such as:

  • Hospital expenses
  • Doctor bills
  • Surgery costs
  • Prescription bills
  • Physical therapy bills
  • Income loss due to the accident

Unlike the damages named above, intangible losses do not have a specific monetary value attached to them. Harms that would fall into the category of intangible losses include pain, suffering, scarring, disability, loss of life enjoyment, mental trauma, and emotional distress.

Tacoma Slip and Fall Lawyer

Eligibility to Pursue a Slip and Fall Claim in Tacoma

Sustaining an injury on someone else’s property does not automatically entitle a person to compensation. To recover compensation, an injured person has to show that the property owner owed them a duty, violated that duty, and as a consequence of this violation, they were hurt and sustained damages.

A property owner has a legal obligation to an invitee (i.e. a store customer) to use reasonable care to shield them from hazards that they are aware or should be aware of. The legal duty owed by a property owner to a licensee, such as a party guest, is to warn them about hazards that they discover or should discover by using reasonable care. Invitees are typically on the premises in order for the owner to reap some type of financial gain, whereas licensees are there for their own personal gain.

Unlike invitees or licensees, trespassers are individuals on the premises without the owner’s consent. As a result, the only duty a property owner has to a trespasser is to avoid purposefully harming them. A Tacoma lawyer could help someone determine whether they may be eligible to pursue slip and fall damages from the owner.

Lawsuit Statute of Limitations

Per Revised Code of Washington § 4.16.080, slip and fall claims have to be filed within three years of sustaining the injury. If someone does not comply with this deadline and tries to file a slip and fall lawsuit after the three years have already gone by, they will have missed their window of opportunity and be ineligible for compensation.

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A Tacoma slip and fall lawyer could ensure you are well-informed regarding your legal rights and options in the aftermath of a serious falling accident. An attorney could review the details of your potential case and fight hard to secure your financial recovery.

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