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Victims of Drunk Driving

The word “dram” referred to places in 18th Century England where alcohol was sold by the “dram”, a small unit of liquid. Now, a “Dram Shop” is a legal term referring to bars, liquor stores and other places where alcoholic beverages are sold. Dram Shop law were put into place to protect the public from the irresponsible selling of alcohol to minors or discernibly intoxicated patrons.

Under this laws, bar owners, servers, and retail stores can be held liable if they sell alcohol to a minor or someone who is already drunk, and that person in turn injures or kills a third party as a result of driving drunk or other incidents such as assaults. The wounded party must provide evidence that the serving or selling of the alcohol was the proximate cause of their injuries. If their case can be proven, they are entitled to compensation.

  • Selling alcohol to a minor
  • Over service of alcohol
  • Selling alcohol without checking ID
  • Selling alcohol without a license
  • Selling alcohol after hours

Every state’s Dram Shop laws have different statutory provisions. Click here to find the statues for your

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