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Has your child been injured at their daycare facility? If so, you might be here today wondering what steps you can take, including filing a lawsuit. We’ll provide some general information for you on this page. However, you can always call a Tacoma daycare injury lawyer from our team right now at 253.272.5226.

If it turns out that the daycare was negligent, you could be eligible to receive a cash settlement. A settlement can help you cover your child’s medical expenses, plus pain and suffering.

Worried About a Daycare Waiver You Signed? 

Often, a daycare will try to tell you that you can’t take legal action against them because you signed a waiver when you registered your child. Even if you have signed a waiver, the daycare can still be sued if your child was seriously injured due to their gross negligence or abuse.

An attorney experienced in handling lawsuits against childcare facilities can work to overcome this burden. Bottom line: you may be able to file a claim even with a signed waiver in place. Talk to an attorney.

Understanding Daycare Injury Lawsuits 

You must meet certain criteria to successfully bring a claim against a daycare. Incidentally, this is true of any personal injury claim. As a plaintiff, it’s on you to prove that the daycare was in the wrong and injured your child.

Consider your situation. Do you feel that all four of the following conditions below apply?

  • Duty of care. You must demonstrate that the childcare facility and/or staff was obligated to take reasonable action to keep your child safe.
  • Breach of duty. Next, you need to prove that the childcare facility and/or staff acted outside of that duty. In other words, they were negligent or malicious.
  • Injured due to breach. At this point, you must connect the breach of duty to your child’s injuries. It’s important to demonstrate that your child’s injuries would not have happened were it not for the negligence.
  • Damages. An injury lawsuit seeks to restore your financial losses, as well as pain and suffering. If the harms were non-existent or minor, you likely do not have a case. This is true even if what happened was unfortunate.

During an initial consultation, a daycare injury attorney will hear what happened and let you know if they feel these conditions can be met. Of course, sometimes further investigation may be needed before you have an answer.

Examples of Daycare Negligence

Let’s be clear. Not every accident is the result of negligence. Sometimes, accidents are honest mistakes or not reasonable to prevent. Negligence is a serious type of carelessness. It involves a choice to not take reasonable action to keep someone else safe. The types of injuries that result from this type of misbehavior are not true “accidents.” They are preventable.

With that, here are a few ways that a daycare facility could be negligent:

  • Failure to perform background checks on staff, or to overlook past records
  • Improper supervision of children
  • Unsafe equipment, toys, or facilities
  • Unreasonable measures taken surrounding child food allergies
  • Inadequate action taken to stop another child from bullying
  • Failure to keep hazardous items out of children’s reach

These are just a few hypothetical situations that could lead to a child’s injury and subsequent daycare lawsuit.

How an Attorney Can Prove Daycare Negligence 

Let’s suppose a daycare injury attorney has decided to take your case, or at the very least, perform some initial investigation. What kind of evidence might they use to prove that your child’s daycare was negligent?

While there are many potential sources of evidence, some more commonly used include:

  • Video surveillance
  • Previous findings with Washington State
  • Police reports
  • Medical records
  • Witness testimony
  • Background checks of staff

Remember: you are an important part of this puzzle. Let your attorney know if you have photos of your child’s facility, their injuries, doctor reports, or emails exchanged with a supervisor.

Daycare Laws in Washington State 

As you might imagine, there are many laws in our state regarding daycare and childcare facilities. We don’t want to overwhelm this page (or you) with the extensive list, but you can see the standards over at 110-300 WAC.

In brief, these laws cover a wide range of areas, including:

  • Licensing requirements
  • Staffing requirements
  • Indoor/outdoor conditions
  • Safety regulations
  • Food preparation areas
  • Supervising children during water activities

And much, much more. A qualified personal injury attorney can help determine if any of these laws apply to your situation.

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Given that, we encourage you to call us today. You may have legal options that are worth exploring.

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