Team Building Fun with Ladenburg Law

Over the past year, the team at Ladenburg Law has spent some time outside the office for a bit of play. We’ve participated in a variety of activities including virtual golf, going to the arcade, Rainiers’ games, and poker night at Erik’s place.

These events have largely been planned by our amazing receptionist, AmberLee. Her thoughts about our get-togethers really sum things up nicely. Here’s what she had to say:

“The best thing about working together is getting to know each other better. We have employees that work remote that are not in the office daily. I feel that these people could feel like outsiders as they are not able to get to know everyone and how we operate. I feel that this allows us to know each other’s strong suits and downfalls. We are able to lift up one another when we have had a hard day or got stuck on a task.

I can tell you that working here I have learned so much from our team building than I would in the office. I get to learn about their families and hobbies. To be able to input that into our bonding activities.

I have learned that John Jr. is always up for a challenge. You can count on him in crunch time. I have learned that Addison has a love for testing his luck. He loves a good old poker match. Erik has a love for adventure. Hiking with Candy and his dog to seeing just how nature changes. Christa – she is all about the safety. She teaches shooting lessons on her days off. She is someone that understands the importance of following steps. I have learned that Angela is always a cheerful soul. I have never seen her not smile even if she unsure of herself when golfing. Betty works strictly remote. She is a mother of two and boy is she fully with the kid games. She knocked it out of the park with her Guitar Hero moves.

I have learned things about their spouses. I have learned things that I would never know just sticking to the typical office life. I love planning these events because it shows that you are valued. We do see you; we notice you.”

Working as a team out of the office has helped us work better as a team in the office. Ultimately, this dynamic will help us serve our clients and the community more effectively.

We’d also like to extend a warm “thank you” to AmberLee for her enthusiasm and initiative to plan these events. Shortly after sending us her thoughts on the team building, she fired back another email with one last, important addition:

“Oh yes, I forgot we also play a lot of pranks. Addison is famous for them.”

Do you have an idea for a fun team building outing for our firm? We’d love to hear it! Please send your suggestions to

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