Erik Ladenburg Named Personal Injury Lawyer of the Year

Lawyer Monthly has named one of our attorneys, Erik Ladenburg, as Personal Injury Lawyer of the Year! Lawyer Monthly recognizes the most “successful, innovative and forward-thinking lawyers across the globe.”

Success Measured in Client Satisfaction

Erik Ladenburg founded Ladenburg Law in 2001 in order to serve victims of negligence, such as car accidents. Since then, the firm has enjoyed tremendous success. But here’s how Ladenburg measures that success:

I get the most satisfaction from hearing from grateful clients. It doesn’t matter if the case was small or large. What keeps me motivated are the handshakes, hugs, and tears of joy from people who I was able to help.

What makes Ladenburg Law different: we spend very little on advertising. Instead, we choose to invest back into our community. For instance, every year we award an annual scholarship to a client or former client. Also, we make a charitable donation for each referral a client makes. Giving back to our community is at the heart of who we are and what we do.

Criteria for Selection

Being selected for a prestigious annual Lawyer Monthly award requires a nomination, voting, and judge’s panel. Only one lawyer is selected for each category of law.

Some of the selection criteria includes:

  • company accolades
  • client testimonials
  • involvement in significant cases
  • innovation in client care
  • recognition by peer group

All told, the process of selecting the winners takes several months.

Read the Write Up at Lawyer Monthly

Erik Ladenburg Personal Injury Lawyer of the Year - Lawyer Monthly

To read the entire write up, please visit Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2019 (see page 79). Congratulations, Erik, on a well-deserved achievement!

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