Fox Island Personal Injury Lawyer

A Fox Island personal injury lawyer can help victims who have been harmed due to no fault of their own. Some cases our firm accepts include auto accidents, medical malpractice, defective products, nursing home abuse, and more.

Under Washington State law, victims can pursue compensation for their medical bills and lost wages (RCW 4.56.250). A well-versed attorney can help determine if you are eligible and can pursue justice on your behalf.

When Should I Call a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you’ve been hurt because someone was negligent or careless, you might be wondering if you have a case. Can you pursue compensation? Here are a few key questions to consider:

  1. Did someone owe it to you to keep you safe? For example, other drivers owe it to you (and everyone else on the road) to follow traffic rules. A doctor woes it to you to do no harm and provide quality care. A property owner owes it to you to keep their premises safe or at least, warn you of hazards. Manufacturers owe it to consumers to make safe products.
  2. Did the person’s carelessness cause you injuries? When it comes to personal injury law, it’s not good enough that someone’s error “could’ve” hurt you. It actually needs to have hurt you in order for you to have a case.
  3. Did you sustain damages due to your injury? Put another way, did you incur costs because of your injury? These might include medical bills and lost wages. We can also account for pain, suffering, and other lifestyle impacts when valuing your claim.

These are the basic things to consider as you decide to call a personal injury lawyer. However, every situation is different. We can offer targeted advice when you reach out to us about what happened.

It’s Free to Speak with One of Our Lawyers

Many people may hesitate to reach out to a lawyer – how much will it cost? Is there a retainer? Here’s the good news: it’s always free to speak with one of our lawyers. There are several ways to reach out including phone, filling out the contact form from our home page, or messaging us through our Facebook page.

After learning more about what happened, we can advise of your legal rights. If it sounds like you have a case and you choose to hire us, rest assured you only pay us if we’re able to win you a settlement. By working on a contingency fee basis like this, more personal injury victims can access the legal help they need.

Discover the Ladenburg Law Team

We recognize that you have choices when it comes to hiring a personal injury lawyer. So, we wanted to give you some good reasons to make Ladenburg Law the first call you make.

  • Family Owned. We’re a small, family-owned firm that strives to treat every client with quality care throughout the legal process.
  • Well Rated and Respected. Check out some of our team’s bios and you’ll find that we have won an impressive number of accolades and awards, including Personal Injury Lawyer of the Year!
  • Unafraid of the Courtroom. Other firms may take on many cases and try to settle them quickly. At Ladenburg Law, we prepare every case for trial. In other words, we fight hard to win you the best settlement as possible.

Need some more reasons to give us a call? See what some of our past clients have had to say about us.

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If you’ve been hurt due to no fault of your own, we encourage you to contact a Fox Island personal injury lawyer for assistance. Our team is ready and available to chat with you.

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