King County Slip and Fall Lawyer

If you have been injured by falling on someone else’s property, we encourage you to reach out to a King County slip and fall lawyer. An experienced lawyer can investigate the facts of the case and help determine your legal options. It’s possible that you could be eligible to receive a cash settlement for your medical costs, lost wages, and pain.

Slip and fall cases fall under premises liability, which holds property owners responsible for maintaining safe properties for guests and visitors. Unfortunately, filing claims and collecting compensation when you’ve been wrongfully hurt on someone else’s property is rarely simple or straightforward. When it comes to premises liability claims, we always recommend you involve a personal injury attorney.

What to Do When a Fall Leaves you Seriously Injured

You’ve fallen and are seriously hurt – now what? Here are a few actions to take. Ask a family member or bystander to assist if need be.

  • Document what happened. Take lots of pictures of the scene, including the hazardous condition that lead to your fall. It is often difficult to preserve evidence in slip and fall cases as property owners may be quick to repair or clean things up after.
  • Collect witness information. If there were any witnesses, ask if they would be willing to provide you with their names and contact information.
  • File a report. If the property owner has a process for filing an incident, make sure to ask for a copy.
  • Seek medical care. Don’t delay in getting to the doctor or hospital. Getting seen right away will help get you on a path to recovery sooner.

We also suggest you call our offices as soon as possible. By involving us early, we have a better chance of accessing critical evidence while it’s available and ensuring the claims process is handled correctly.

Proving Fault in a Slip and Fall Case

To win a slip and fall case, you need to be able prove several conditions. These include:

  • You had a right to be on the property – for instance as a guest or customer. Were you trespassing? If so, don’t bother; you do not have a case.
  • The property owner failed to take reasonable measures to keep their property safe. For instance, they knew of a hazard but did not correct it or warn guests.
  • The hazardous condition on the property caused your injury. Also, it’s important that you were not behaving in a reckless way at the time of your fall.
  • Finally, your injury caused damages. Simply put, you ended up with substantial medical bills, time off work, and/or a fair amount of pain.

The CDC reports that falls generate around $50 billion in medical care a year and are a leading cause of emergency room visits.  Thus, falls can be expensive and very injurious. At Ladenburg Law, we have extensive experience with slip and fall cases and can offer the legal representation you need when it comes to proving fault.

We Prepare to Take Every Case to Trial

Often, insurance companies will offer settlement amounts that are far too low. That’s why we prepare every case for trial, from day one. We carefully gather evidence, collect testimony, and reach out to experts so if that number isn’t in the realm of fair, we’re ready.

Rest assured that we’ll inform you at every stage of your legal rights.

Your Free Case Evaluation is a Call Away

Please call a King County slip and fall lawyer to set up a free case evaluation about what happened to you. But don’t wait; you only have three years to file a claim in the State of Washington (RCW 4.16.080).

There’s no risk or obligation to speak with one of our lawyers, so why not take advantage of the free legal advice? If you’re unable to make it into the office, let us know and we’ll coordinate a meeting at your house or hospital.

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