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Millions of people in the US head to the ER every year with dog bite injuries. If you’ve been a victim, you might be wondering what steps to take and if you can receive compensation to reimburse you for doctor bills. The first step is to reach out to a South Hill dog bite lawyer for assistance.

During a free, no-obligation case review, one of our qualified attorneys will help you understand your legal options.

Steps to Take if you’ve Been Bitten by a Dog

Dog bites often come as a shock and a surprise. Do your best to remain calm and get to somewhere safe as soon as you can. Once you’ve done so, we recommend taking the following steps:

  • Seek medical care
  • Identify the dog and dog’s owner
  • Gather the names of any witnesses and their contact information
  • Report the incident to authorities

We also recommend involving one of our personal injury attorneys as soon as possible on the case. We can help you gather critical evidence and help you in the crucial early stages of filing a claim.

For more information on this topic and what to do, make sure to read our blog post about dog bites and Washington State law.

How to Handle the Dog’s Owner

Trying to deal with the owner of a dog that’s attacked you can be contentious and anxiety inducing. One benefit of working with a personal injury lawyer is that you no longer need to contact the dog owner. We’ll communicate with them and their insurance company on your behalf.

We also recognize that the dog’s owner maybe someone you know and care about – a friend, neighbor, or family member. The important thing to understand is that when you’re filing a personal injury claim, in most cases the claim will be filed against the dog owner’s home insurance policy.

Our compassionate personal injury attorneys can help navigate these complex situations with discretion. Every situation is different, so we recommend that you reach out to us to discuss what happened and how we might help.

Damages in a Dog Bite Case

Under Washington State law, victims of dog bites are entitled to be compensated for both the economic and non-economic damages they’ve experienced (RCW 4.56.250).

Economic damages include ambulance bills, hospital stays, lost wages – all those expenses you can assign dollar amounts to. Non-economic damages cover pain, suffering, and trauma you’ve experienced.

A qualified dog bite lawyer can help you determine the potential value of your claim and fight on your behalf to recoup your losses.

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