The 3 Worst Intersections in Olympia

Recently, The Olympian surveyed the public to identify the worst intersections in Olympia. Officials were unsurprised by the three that ended up topping the results.

In addition to sharing the three worst intersections, we’ll also provide some general statistics about how many car accidents happen in Olympia. Plus, we’ll share steps that the City is taking to address the situation and how you can get involved, too.

Cooper Point and Black Lake Boulevard

According to The Olympian, the Cooper Point and Black Lake Boulevard intersection suffers from poor street connectivity. Street connectivity is a term city planners use to describe how different types of streets converge. In Olympia, this is a big issue because there are many types of roads, from small downtown streets to larger highways.

In the case of Cooper Point and Black Lake, 14 lanes of traffic intersect in a 35-mph zone. Worse, there aren’t any good alternate routes.

Martin and Sleater Kinney

Martin and Sleater Kinney is a busy intersection right off I-5. If there’s traffic or congestion on I-5? It often spills off here.

Additionally, the area is mixed-use, with pedestrians and bicyclists. Compounding things further are many restaurants, strip malls, and shops, which mean more cars turning in and out of parking lots.

Herman and Wiggins Roads

Herman and Wiggins Roads come together in a narrow T-style intersection in a residential area. The two-lane roads have no shoulder, increasing the chances of cars running off the road in a fender bender.

How Many Car Accidents Happen in Olympia?

According to WSDOT, there are roughly 1,100 car accidents in Olympia each year. Of these, around 19 result in a known serious injury or fatality. (In about 250 more accidents per year, an injury is suspected.) Of course, even a minor “fender bender” can be a big nuisance, both for the drivers involved and those stuck in traffic. Not to mention, car repairs mean costs and hassle.

Here is a table that outlines how many accidents happened in Olympia between 2017-2021:

Total CrashesFatal or Serious InjuryPossible InjuryDrunk-Driver Involved

Source: WSDOT 

What is Olympia Doing to Fix Dangerous Intersections?

The good news is that Olympia city officials are aware of the need to fix its dangerous intersections. Here are some of the measures they are considering:

  • 20-Year Comprehensive Plan. Olympia anticipates growing by about 21,000 residents by 2045. To accommodate this growth, the city is planning improvements in three key urban areas, including the Capital Mall Triangle
  • Roundabouts. Roundabouts calm traffic by narrowing street lanes, slowing speeds, and directing cars in the same counterclockwise direction. Studies repeatedly demonstrate that roundabouts have fewer collisions than traditional intersections.
  • Dialoguing with the Public. The City of Olympia is open to hearing from its citizens! Are you concerned about a dangerous intersection? Visit Engage Olympia to receive alerts of public hearings and stay connected.

What to Do if You’ve Been in a Car Accident in Olympia

Were you injured in an Olympia car accident? Perhaps at one of these hazardous intersections, or elsewhere? Please don’t hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer from our team. There is no cost or obligation to have us hear what happened and explain your legal rights.

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