Tumwater Car Accident Lawyer

Have you been injured in a car accident in Tumwater, Washington? If so, a Tumwater car accident lawyer could be key to helping you win a fair settlement.

Why Car Accidents Happen in Tumwater

A bustling city, Tumwater is home to thousands of residents. In addition, many cars and trucks pass through I-5 and Highway 101 to commute or deliver goods. This poses many opportunities for collisions to occur.

Some common contributing factors include:

  • Speeding. A speeding car is harder to control and takes longer to come to a full stop. Not surprisingly, victims struck by a speeding car tend to sustain more serious injuries.
  • Driving under the influence. Did you know that alcohol is involved in 28% of all fatal crashes?
  • Distracted driving. While texting and driving is a common problem, many things can distract drivers. For instance, other distractions could include eating, fiddling with the radio, passengers, or loose pets.

All drivers agree to abide by traffic safety laws. When a driver fails to keep those laws and injures someone as a result, they can be held financially responsible.

Proving the Other Driver was At-Fault

It’s not always clear who’s responsible for a car accident. At Ladenburg Law, we caution our clients from admitting fault at the scene. As much as possible, stick to exchanging insurance and contact information with the other driver.

So, how can you determine who’s at fault? Here are some potential sources:

  • Police report, including any citations issued
  • Witness testimony
  • Video or dashcam footage
  • Photos
  • Auto repair mechanic’s report
  • A driver’s admission
  • Accident reconstruction specialist or other experts

Sometimes, you and the other driver might have both contributed to your injuries in the crash. For instance, perhaps you weren’t wearing your seatbelt when the other driver ran a red light and hit you. In the State of Washington, it’s possible you can still recover a partial settlement. Ask us more.

Why Should I Work with a Personal Injury Attorney?

There are situations where you may feel capable of handling the insurance claim on your own. For instance, if you are only dealing with vehicle damage or minor injuries, you might not need a lawyer.

However, we recommend you call us anytime you’re dealing with:

  • Serious injuries
  • Steep medical bills
  • Significant financial impacts
  • Difficulty with the insurance company

Working with an experienced injury attorney almost always increases the value of your claim. Plus, we only charge a fee if we’re able to win your case. In other words, you pay nothing upfront for our services.

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