Lacey Bus Accident Lawyer 

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a bus accident, you may be entitled to receive a settlement. A settlement can help you recoup your financial losses, such as medical bills and lost wages, and feel a sense of justice. We recommend that you call a Lacey bus accident lawyer for a free case evaluation.

They can help you understand your legal options and file a claim. Read on to learn more about how a personal injury attorney can help in this situation.

How Bus Accidents Differ from Car Accidents

Bus accidents tend to be more complex than typical motor vehicle accidents. For starters, there are often more people involved in a bus accident. In addition to multiple passengers, a bus may strike multiple vehicles or pedestrians.

Not only is the potential number of victims higher, the injuries can also be more severe. Many buses don’t have restraints and passengers can be flung into the aisles or the sides of the bus. Fractures, concussions, and spinal cord injuries are all common.

Additionally, the claim handling may vary on the type of bus involved. For instance, if your child was hurt while riding on a school bus, we would need to file a claim against the school, which is a municipal or state government entity. This process would look different if the injury happened while riding a privately chartered bus.

Who’s to Blame in a Bus Accident?

Given the complex nature of a bus accident, there may be multiple negligent parties, including:

  • The bus driver. The driver could be at fault if they were found to be driving under the influence or engaging in risky driving behaviors.
  • Other drivers. Another driver could be responsible if their behavior triggered the crash.
  • The bus driver’s company. If the bus was commercially owned, the company may be liable.
  • The bus manufacturer. This could come into play if the bus malfunctioned or had a defect.

A city or state could be held responsible for road hazards that contributed to the crash. As mentioned before, this could also come into play if the crash took place on a school bus.

Our Lawyers can Navigate Bus Accident Claims

The attorneys at Ladenburg Law have experience handling bus accident claims. We understand how to investigate what happened and identify all parties that are responsible. In some situations, we may be able to recover from multiple sources on your behalf.

We will want to hear all the ways the crash has impacted your life, financially and emotionally. This will help us discover the potential value of your claim. Armed with this information, we will fight to win you a fair settlement, even if it means taking your case to trial.

Given the complexity involved, we encourage you to reach out to us early in the process. Let us take the legal stress off your plate so you can focus on your healing.

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In the State of Washington, you have a limited window of opportunity to file a claim (RCW 4.16.080). Please call a Lacey bus accident lawyer today to schedule your free, no obligation consultation. Our lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means you only pay us if we’re able to win your case.

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