Lacey Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents are often serious, life-changing events for victims. With little protecting them from the road and oncoming vehicles, severe injuries and even fatalities are far too common. If you’ve been a victim, you need to call a Lacey motorcycle accident lawyer for help.

You could be eligible to receive compensation for your medical bills, missed wages, pain, and suffering. But don’t expect the insurance company to offer you what’s fair. A skilled attorney from our team could investigate the facts of what happened and fight on your behalf for a sufficient settlement amount.

A Better Term for Motorcycle “Accidents”

The overwhelming majority of motorcycle accidents are preventable. So, are they really “accidents?” We think a better term is motorcycle crashes.

Some common causes of motorcycle crashes in and around Lacey include:

  • Driver inattention. Drivers may be prepared to watch for other vehicles when making turns or changing lanes. If they aren’t paying close attention, they could miss a motorcyclist altogether.
  • Speed. We’ve written extensively on our website and blog about the dangers of speeding. And for good reason. It takes longer to stop a car the faster it’s traveling. Plus, the severity of injuries and chance for fatalities increases exponentially with speed.
  • Intoxication. Even though driving under the influence is illegal in Washington State, it is a key factor in many traffic collisions.
  • Poor road conditions. Sometimes, it’s not another driver that causes a wreck. It could be a poorly maintained road or other hazardous condition. If a city was aware of the danger and did not take steps to fix or warn road users, they could be liable.

No matter the cause, our attorneys are available to offer you a free case review. We’ll be able to determine if you have a case.

Motorcycle Accident FAQs

Here are some questions that we often get from motorcycle crash victims.

The driver who hit me was uninsured – now what?

Washington State requires all motorists to carry insurance (see RCW 46.30.020). However, it is estimated that as many as 20% are uninsured. If you are unfortunate enough to be struck by one of these irresponsible drivers, all may not be lost. It’s possible that we may be able to file a claim against your own insurance policy. Reach out; we’ll be happy to take a look for you.

What if I was partially to blame for the motorcycle accident?

You still may be eligible to recover a partial settlement. Washington has a comparative fault law which allows for victims to receive reduced compensation if they are partly to blame. One of our skilled attorneys can help determine your best legal options.

The insurance company is asking me to provide a recorded statement. Should I do this?

It is never a good idea to provide a recorded statement to the insurance company. Anything you share could be used to diminish your claim. Remember, the goal of the insurance agent is to minimize their losses. Instead, you could suggest you’ll be working with an injury attorney on your claim.

How do I know how much my case is worth?

It’s understandable you’d want to know how much of a settlement you could receive. Unfortunately, there is no quick or easy way to determine this amount because there are many factors at play, including:

    • The at-fault party’s ability to pay
    • Insurance policy limits
    • Your involvement in the crash (if any)
    • The severity of your injuries and medical costs incurred
    • Impacts to your work
    • Settlements paid in cases similar to yours

We can tell you after a free case review if we think it’s to your advantage to pursue a settlement. As we learn more details about your crash, we’ll inform you of the potential value of your case.

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The best course of action is to call a Lacey motorcycle accident lawyer from our team. There’s no risk or obligation to accept a free case review. Plus, you only pay us a fee if we’re able to win you a settlement. Not able to make it to the office? Let us know and we’ll arrange to have an attorney meet you at your home, hospital, or other preferred location.


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