Olympia Premises Liability Lawyer

Property owners owe a duty of care to anyone visiting their home or place of business. They should take reasonable measures to keep their property maintained or warn guests of any hazards.

If you have been injured because of a property owner’s negligence, an Olympia premises liability lawyer may be able to assist you in filing a claim. We never charge for an initial case evaluation, and you only pay us if we’re able to win you a settlement.

How Do I Know if I Have a Premises Liability Claim?

To have a valid premises liability claim, we need to establish the following:

  • The property owner had a duty of care. For instance, were you shopping at a store, renting a house from a landlord, or visiting a business? In these instances, you would be considered a welcome guest of the property owner and he or she owed you a duty of care.
  • The property owner breached that duty. In other words, was there a hazard on the property that a reasonable owner would have corrected or warned you about?
  • The hazard caused your injuries. There needs to be a clear cause-and-effect between the hazard and your injuries.
  • The injury caused you damages. If you stubbed your toe at the supermarket on uneven flooring but didn’t end up going to the doctor or missing work, a claim may not make sense. However, suppose the uneven flooring caused you to fall and break your hip. Now you’re out of work, in the hospital, and racking up bills. This is far more likely to be a valid claim.

The best way to know if you have a claim is to reach out to our team. We recognize that every situation is different. One of our skilled local attorneys experienced in premises liability claims can help you navigate your legal options.

What if I am Partly to Blame for my Accident?

It’s not uncommon for the property owner to defend their case by saying that you behaved in an unsafe way on their property. Let’s suppose you were in fact, partly to blame. Maybe it can be proven that you were a bit careless or distracted at the time of the accident. What then?

Under Washington State’s comparative fault law, your settlement will be reduced by the percentage you’re found to be at fault. For instance, suppose the court finds you 25% responsible for your injuries. If the total settlement award is $40,000, you’d be owed $30,000, 25% less.

There is one exception we should mention. If you were trespassing, you are not eligible for any settlement.

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