Olympia Wrongful Death Lawyer

The death of a loved one is a painful event on its own. But when that death could have been prevented because of someone’s negligence, the grief is excruciating. If you believe your loved one was wrongfully killed, an Olympia wrongful death lawyer would like to hear from you.

There’s no cost for a case evaluation. At the end of our meeting, you’ll have a better understanding if a wrongful death lawsuit is right for you.

How Do Family Members Recover in a Wrongful Death Case?

Family members may wish to pursue a wrongful death claim to recover financially from medical and funeral expenses as well as lost wages. In addition, they deserve to be compensated for the loss of relationship and affection.

In Washington State, the following parties are eligible to file a wrongful death claim.

  • Spouses or legal domestic partners
  • Children (if the child is a minor, a Guardian ad Litem may be appointed by the court)
  • Personal representative of the deceased’s estate

Our personal injury attorneys can help navigate which options will apply for your family.

Proving Liability in a Wrongful Death Case

To prove liability, we need to establish the following:

  • The negligent party owed a duty of care to the victim. In other words, they were responsible for the victim’s safety in some way.
  • The negligent party breached that duty of care. Did their negligent or willful actions create an unreasonably unsafe situation for the victim?
  • The negligent party’s actions directly caused the victim’s death. There needs to be clear, strong evidence of a cause-and-effect.
  • The damages resulting from the negligence were severe. When it comes to wrongful death, this last piece is quite plain. We also want to look at expenses, loss of wages, quality of life, and age of the victim at the time of passing.

Rest assured, it’s our job as personal injury attorneys to prove liability – not yours. If we end up working together, we conduct a thorough investigation and bring in local experts if need be.

Understanding the Value of your Wrongful Death Claim

Many people come to us wanting to know what kind of settlement they can receive. Unfortunately, there is no quick answer to this question or calculator to key in.

When we meet for an initial consultation, we’ll be able to better gauge the unique factors that go into your case.

How an Olympia Wrongful Accident Lawyer Can Help

If your loved one has been wrongfully killed, don’t wait to involve an Olympia wrongful death lawyer. In the State of Washington, you have three years to file a claim in most cases.

The first step is easy. Call and schedule a free case evaluation with one of our attorneys. We’ll be happy to meet with you at our Olympia office or at the place of your choosing.

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