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Every year, hundreds of pedestrians are struck by cars on Washington’s roads. These are almost always preventable events where a driver is not paying proper attention. Victims may suffer painful, severe injuries that can render them unable to work or return to normal day-to-day activities. Has this happened to you or someone you love? If so, don’t delay – call a Federal Way pedestrian accident lawyer for help. If you’re eligible for compensation, a skilled attorney can help file a claim and pursue justice on your behalf. Our attorneys are available to accept new clients in the Federal Way and surrounding areas.

Understanding Liability in a Pedestrian-Involved Accident

Liability is another way of saying “who’s at fault here?” This is important to establish because the at-fault party is responsible for paying for a victim’s damages. However, it’s not always easy to know who’s to blame, or how to prove it.

Some challenges to establishing liability could include:

  • Hit-and-run. Unfortunately, sometimes drivers do not do the right thing and flee the scene because they do not want to face the consequences of their actions.
  • “He said, she said.” The driver who struck you might claim that you caused the accident. A lack of witnesses could further complicate things.
  • You’re partly to blame. If you were partly to blame, you may still be able to recover some compensation under Washington State’s comparative fault law (RCW 4.22.005). Reach out; we can help in these situations.

A qualified attorney will work to establish facts and evidence to identify the at-fault party and hold them responsible. At Ladenburg Law, some of these tactics could include tracking down video surveillance, hiring accident reconstruction specialists, and gathering key documents.

Common Danger Zones for Pedestrians

Of course, there’s a risk anytime you’re walking on or along roads that are also used by cars. Yet, some areas are more dangerous than others. For instance:

  • Intersections
  • Crosswalks
  • Parking lots
  • Urban areas

Furthermore, walking during evening or inclement weather poses additional dangers as your visibility is reduced.

Do You Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

While you can file a claim and try to negotiate a fair settlement with the driver’s insurance company, we always recommend that you call a personal injury attorney. In many cases, just having an attorney on your side greatly increases the value of your case.

We can also help by taking the legal stress off your plate. We’ll handle the communication with the driver and their insurance company, gather critical evidence, and fight for compensation that restores you financially. In the event we reach an impasse, we won’t hesitate to file a lawsuit and argue your case before a jury or judge.

What Satisfied Ladenburg Law Clients Are Saying

At Ladenburg Law, we go out of our way to provide the best service possible. See what client Marcie had to say:

Did a great job. I never had to worry after I hired him. He made sure the bills from my accident were paid and he made sure I received a payment for my injuries. He’s a great lawyer. I have recommended him to my friends and would call him first if I needed legal assistance. Erik is smart, kind and knows what he is doing. I searched for a lawyer, read his reviews and I absolutely made the right choice.

And Anya:

Going through the hardest time of my life it was nice to have a team that gave me hope again. Thank you for helping me get closure and compensation.

For more stories, be sure to read our Client Reviews page.

Do You Have a Case?

Are you wondering if you have a case? The best way to know for sure is to call a Federal Way pedestrian accident lawyer. One of our attorneys will hear what happened and help you understand your legal options. Should we choose to work together, rest assured we only charge a fee if we’re able to win you a settlement.

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